Are you ready for Homecoming 2012?! (Day 75)

Good evening Argos! We have reached day 75 of Summer University of West Florida Homecoming Planning. I am here this evening to provide some updates as to where we currently stand regarding Homecoming as well as some things to look forward to as we draw closer to the first day of classes. Laura Jansen, Homecoming’s Spirit Chair has finalized one of our competitions that will be advertised via Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to keep your eye on Homecoming’s page throughout the entire week of Homecoming! Furthermore, she has finalized the parade route for this year as well!

Ben Stubbs, our direct advisor has indicated that UWF’s Creative and Marketing Services is continuing work on Homecoming’s logo for this year. I am personally excited to see them bring our ideas and concepts to life. Time will tell. Additionally, Ben has reassured the Executive Board that their Homecoming 2012 polos are indeed in and have been sent off to be embroidered for the up-and-coming photo shoot for the staff’s cardboard cut-outs that will be displayed in various locations around campus! Be on the look-out for the beautiful faces behind UWF’s Homecoming 2012 within the coming months! We have also confirmed that the Homecoming 2012 Staff Retreat will be August 13th and 14th this year.

On Thursday, August 2nd I had the opportunity to sit in on the Student Meeting with the Student Involvement Programming Committee to answer questions relating to staff development, training within my particular position, recruitment for new students, whether I felt connected to the University Commons and Student Activities (USCA), as well as if I felt there was a sense of collaboration between programs, departments, etc. within my specific role within the USCA. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the rest of the students who sat in with me as well as the three women who were hosting the meeting.
On Friday, August 3rd I had my weekly one-on-one with Ben regarding where we all stand with Homecoming as well as where we need to be over the next couple of days / weeks. With this being said we discussed a variety of items that I have been working on as well as some new things to be completed.

To begin, we conversed about the the display that I have been working on for Homecoming this year. I have a pretty neat idea in mind; I just have to see of the logistics will follow through. Furthermore, we discussed the opening act for our main entertainer, who’s contract happens to have been officially finalized, that would start off the evening strong. We will keep this information a surprise for now, but you will find out soon enough; do not fret! Over this next week I will be creating a Food Document that is pertinent to each of Homecoming’s Events. Essentially it will contain which food we need at what event, how much of it, etc. This document will give us a baseline for what each event will provide (food-wise) to its participants. Some final items that I will / have been working on is keep all of our potential student volunteers informed regarding what is going on and what will go on over the next couple of weeks to a month. Constant communication is key! I will also be sending out information to Homecoming’s web designer, Jason O’Connel, so that we have another outlet for our students to access any Homecoming-related information. This site will pretty much have anything and everything you could want to know about Homecoming 2012.
These are all of the updates I have for now! I hope you all have a wonderful final couple of days of summer.

Remember, we have ONLY 57 Days until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!


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