Bring the Pieces Together (Day 61)

Good Afternoon Argos! Yesterday the Homecoming 2012 Executive Board held its weekly meeting starting at 12:00pm, where we primarily discussed updates on our Food Vendors, in-kind donations, and Title Sponsors for Homecoming 2012. At this point in time we have 16 potential Food Vendors that have either worked with us in the past or are hoping to work with us now and in the future. Due to this being a lot of places for one individual to contact at once, we have divided it up so that each of the Executive Board Members has at least two-to-three places to call, e-mail, and hopefully meet with. Our challenge is to complete this prior to the Fall Semester beginning.

The next item we discussed were the Title Sponsors that we would like to work with us this year. Ashton Hartley, our Homecoming Director has accumulated a list of seven potential Title Sponsors that he deemed would be great to have. The role of the Title Sponsor would be to make a monetary donation ranging between $1,500 and $3.000. At this point in time Ashton has agreed to conquer the task of coming in contact with all of them.

Prizes are an essential part of any event, thus we have discussed having one big prize per Homecoming event, with several smaller prizes consisting of promo items. We will have to discuss this further with our direct advisor Ben, but I feel that having a big prize attached to an event will allow our students to come to both hopefully win the prize as well as enjoy the experiences tied in with that particular event. During our meeting we formulated approximately seven “big” prizes that would be popular for any individual that would attend.

We currently have an exciting 199 potential Freshman Volunteers for Homecoming 2012. Each of them as been e-mailed more information about how to stay in contact with us as well as potential methods of getting involved. We are just shy of 41 individuals from my personal goal of 250. Fortunately, we have three more Orientation Sessions left.

The summer is winding down. We only have 73 days until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!



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