Sailing Closer to Homecoming 2012 (Day 59)

Good morning Argos! We are currently on our seventh session of New Student Orientation 2012 and are excited to meet and interact with all of our new Argos today throughout the presentations and break-out sessions. As of now we have a total of 181 First-Time-In-College Freshman sign up to potentially volunteer / learn more information about what it takes to be a part of Homecoming 2012! My personal goal is for us to have at least 250 students sign up by our final session (June 26th and 27th).

This morning I wanted to converse about a presentation that Ben Stubbs did at the Florida Student Activities Drive-In on June 1st in Tampa, Florida. The title of the presentation was “Have a new idea? Good luck with that” and it basically focused on considering new ideas from other perspectives within Student Affairs, learning strategies for presenting new ideas, and finding ways to make sure that ‘your’ ideas are judged for their merits. Throughout the presentation Ben utilized memes to poke fun at the fact that at some institutions it is more challenging to implement ideas / a sense of creativity than others. The presentation then proceeds to focus in on The Big PictureResourcesProcedures & Culture, and Opportunities & Liabilities that all go into creating and implementing programs / ideas at a university / institution. From my experience as an undergraduate student working within Student Affairs, I have been fortunate enough to propose various ideas and actually see some of these ideas “come to life”. This is definitely an exception to the norm, taking into account that at other institutes I would not be as lucky.

Back tracking to Homecoming 2012; Josh Kolapo and I are planning to meet this week to discuss his marketing strategy for the Mr. and Ms. UWF / the Princes and Princesses of UWF competition. Facebook will unquestionably be a method of promotion, but we will also be creating posters, fliers, etc. to get the word out to all of our students. Furthermore, I would like to get together with the 2011-2012 Mr. and Ms. UWF students in order to create a video advertisement that shows what they have done since being crowned and where they plan on going next. I strongly believe that being crowned Mr. & Ms. UWF and now Prince and Princess is a wonderful honor to have for any of our students. This year Josh will be planning a Service Project for the winners so that they have an opportunity to give back to the Pensacola / UWF Community; similar to what Ms. America / Universe does.

I can hardly believe that we only have 75 days until Homecoming 2012. With only three weeks left in the summer, I know for a fact that everyone here in Student Activities is looking forward to experiencing all that the Fall 2012 semester will offer!



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