The Summer is Hot, but Homecoming 2012 is Hotter (Day 54)

Good evening Argos! This afternoon from 12:00pm-2:00pm the Homecoming 2012 Executive Board held its weekly meeting after a nice break due to the holiday last week. Due to the summer quickly coming to a close we went over quite a few updates as well as things that we still in need of working on. To begin, we are still conversing with the various food vendors in regards to in-kind donations / potential sponsorships. We hope to have everything finalized with these organizations over the next week. Furthermore, Ashton Hartley, Homecoming’s current Director proposed Pensacola News Journal and /or Tom Thumb as one or two of our main sponsors for this years T-Shirt. We also discussed Sandy Sansing, Dairy Queen, Geico, New York Deli, Great American Cookie, and Hungry Howies as being potential big-name sponsors. Over the next week or so Ashton will be working on contacting these companies to see where the conversation will go.

Something that everyone is anticipating is what will the entertainment be this year. Will it be a musical artist or not? If so, who will it be? What kind of music? Will I like them? The questions go on. I cannot disclose who the artist will be yet, but trust me, you will find out soon! All I can say about this element right now is that we conversed about how the ticketing process for this particular event will go during our afternoon meeting.

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, we will be having an awesome event this year called Cannon Fest. This will be a wonderful program where we will be giving tribute to our cannon located on the Cannon Greens in front of the John C. Pace Library. As of right now we are still finalizing the intricate details of the event, but the overall concept is by and large set in stone.

Over the next couple of weeks be on the lookout for Homecoming 2012 Facebook Events located on our Facebook page. We will be having individual Facebook Events that will be tied to each activity on the Homecoming 2012 Schedule (October 1st – October 6th). This will give our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Pensacola community an opportunity to pick and choose which events they would like to find out more information about as well as attend. Idealistically, we would like for all of our patrons to attend every event, but we understand other commitments with school life, etc.

Josh Kolapo, Homecoming Competitions Coordinator fleshed out further something different that we will be doing this year that is tied to Mr. and Ms. UWF: a Prince and Princess Court. The Prince and Princess court will consist of a select group of Freshman and/or Sophomores that have gone above and beyond their call of duty in High School as well as the short time that they have been at UWF. Additionally, it will allow our Freshman and/or Sophomores to be represented at Homecoming because, traditionally, Seniors have won Mr. and Ms. UWF due to years of hard work and dedication to university, and we do not want to exclude anyone simply due to lack of time / involvement at UWF. All of the details are outlined in the application that will come out in the middle of September time-frame. I am personally excited about this enhanced event.

On another note, Josh has proposed that we take a “field trip” to visit Feeding America, Homecoming 2012’s philanthropy, to obtain a better understanding of what all the organization entails as well as better educate ourselves on how we can assist them with whatever they may need. We are hoping to pay them a visit on a Wednesday or Friday, depending on everyone’s schedule. Furthermore, he has also proposed making / filming a Lip Dub video as well as various Teaser Videos. Here is an example of what a Lip Dub video is:

Within my particular position I created a Student Organization Google Document for all of the Primary Contacts to sign up their Orgs. and potentially get involved with the varying volunteer opportunities, parade, etc. Jordan Lore, Student Activities’ Organization Graduate Assistant has graciously sent out this document as well, as a blurb that I typed up, explaining what the document will be used for. I am looking forward to seeing which groups want to be involved over the next couple of weeks / months. Furthermore, I am continuing work on getting the individual Homecoming events on the page as well as promoting our Facebook Page to the masses.

On a final note, Ben has been working on setting the date for the Homecoming 2012 Executive Board Retreat, but due to scheduling conflicts we are not entirely sure which week it will occur in as of yet. Right now we are looking at the week of August 15th, but we shall see!

These are exciting times for the Homecoming Executive Board. We look forward to seeing all of you in the Fall!

81 days until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!


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