Social Networking and Beyond (Day 50)

Good evening Argos! I wanted to provide you with a brief update on the Marking / Social Media meeting that I had with Megan Prawdzik, UWF’s Public Relations Director. A couple of items that we discussed were to connect the primary University of West Florida page with the Homecoming Page, how to better connect to the UWF / Pensacola community via social media, as well as getting in contact with the Commons and Student Activities administrator in regards to posting calendar updates on

Over the next couple of weeks / months we conversed about having the main UWF Facebook page post updates, links, etc. directly related to UWF’s Homecoming page. This will allow those individuals who are connected to the main UWF page to be exposed to the Homecoming page as well; ultimately establishing a relationship between the two entities. A win-win situation nonetheless. 

Furthermore, Megan provided a great link related to UWF’s Social Media guidelines: This will be a great resource to enhance my marketing skills for this particular position as well as positions in the future that are using social media as a marketing strategy. Check it out if you have any questions or concerns in regards to UWF’s Marketing Tactics.

A final component that I will be working on is potentially getting the Homecoming events posted on UWF’s Event Calendar: This, in addition to posters, banners, fliers, Facebook, etc. will allow Homecoming to be advertised to a variety of audiences. I will be getting in contact with Ms. Jackie Winkleman over the next couple of days to see about potentially implementing this. 

Be on the look-out for Facebook Invitations to the individual events / programs associated with Homecoming. We will be creating and posting them soon!

We have 85 days until Homecoming 2012. The clock is ticking and the Homecoming Executive Committee is super excited!



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