Homecoming Council Meeting. Bringing it together! (Day 40)

It has been an extremely productive day here in the Commons and Student Activities Office; especially with Homecoming. This morning we held our first Homecoming Council Meeting for the summer where we discussed various components that we have completed and are working on. This council consists of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professional faculty and staff.

To begin, Sabrina, our Marketing Executive Director, went over a couple of items that Ashton Hartley (HC Director) and I have been planning / organizing over the past couple of weeks in regards to the HC 2012 Marketing Plan. I do not want to give away too much, but I will say that there will be press releases / media releases where we will get the media out to the UWF campus, as well as fliers to be handed out, posters, TV advertisement displays, teaser posters, schedule posters, and more. We will also be utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the HC website). This year the HC website will be used solely as a resource to get information about where events are located, how to volunteer, and anything in regards to Mr. / Ms. UWF. Essentially it will be a non-interactive Twitter Page with lists of where to go and when. Furthermore, Missy, our Alumni Relations Director, is currently working on the Alumni Marketing Plan, so that we can extend the activities to our wonderful UWF Alumni.

Dr. Jasek, our Assistant Dean of Students, proposed that we get the families of students involved with HC this year. We would love for our parents and families to be Argonauts just as much as our students, thus we are beginning work on incorporating this within the various HC festivities. We also established some marketing strategies to reach out to these individuals as well.

We have an update on the Volunteer Training Days for HC: September 19th, 20, and 21st are our dates. The Spirit Squad Training date us still being tweaked. Also, applications for both of these positions will open as soon as the fall semester begins.

During this meeting I conversed about one of the many competitions that will be held throughout the week in addition to a unique event that we are hoping will become annual. You will have to stay tuned to find out more!

Ben, the Asst. Director of Student Involvement and Programming, discussed how would like faculty and staff to get involved with HC this year as well as some activities that could be inclusive to these particular individuals, and not limiting to solely the students. Some ideas that we plan on implementing are spirit competitions and a Faculty / Staff Mr. / Ms. UWF (which would have a different name). In regards to the spirit competitions, the winning department / area would win a great prize!

Ashlee, our HC Assistant Director, discussed of what we are calling Team Homeoming. Team HC is a collaboration of students, faculty, and staff that will be helping all that is involved with HC run smoothly and efficiently. These individuals would receive a personalized shirt (Team HC shirt) so that others will be able to spot them easier. Ashlee also mentioned that we will be requested for 10-15 people to join the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad is a group of students who basically get the campus ‘pumped’ and excited for everything that is to come. They will be at a lot of the events on campus, the soccer game, etc. We are truly hoping to have some great students jump on board and participate!

On another note, the Student Involvement Committee met directly following the Homecoming Council Meeting, where we discussed that the new Director of the Commons and Student Activities has been selected, the date and times of our next Student Involvement Meeting as well as the Division Wide Meeting, and that we have a new Leadership Graduate Assistant! We also assessed the Student Activities and involvement break-out session that is held at Orientation and presented the idea of having a Greek Life presentation to be held within the Residence Halls for the Summer E-Term students.

These are all the updates that I have for Day 40!

95 days until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!


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