Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 39)

Good evening Argos! It has been a great past couple of days here within the Commons and Student Activities Offices as we continue working on getting ready for quite a few summer events for the Freshman E-Term that just came to campus this past Sunday, in addition to working on our advertising tactics for Homecoming 2012.

During our Homecoming Executive Board meeting we discussed the various sponsor levels that we would like to have in order to adequately represent the companies / organizations around the residing area. For example, a Title Sponsor  would make a monetary contribution of *** to be placed on our various promo, *** for our cup, etc. We will also have an Event Sponsor that will be displayed at each event that that particular organization / company assisted with (monetarily, food donations, etc.). Our idea is to have a form of picket sign that indicates “This event brought you by…”. A final component for sponsorship(s) is a Spirit Towel. In the past we have had Student Organizations advertised on a towel, but we are now looking at involving professional organizations as well. One component that we talked about was having half of the towel contain UWF Student Organizations and the other half be professional organizations. We are still in the works of which we would prefer.

An additional item that we discussed during our E-Board Meeting was the quantity of food and promotional items that would be offered for our students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc. The exact numbers are yet to be determined, and, for right now, I would not like to disclose that information just to alleviate false expectations.

Something that I am personally excited for is utilizing the UWF Marquee that is in front of campus in order to advertise the specific Homecoming events that will occur throughout the week. I contacted Cora, our current SGA President about reserving for Homecoming Week, so everything is ready to go on that end. We are now working on who will actually be changing the letters, phrases, etc. With that being said, be on the look-out for all of the awesome events that will be occurring around campus!

That is all that I have from our Homecoming E-Board meeting. Stay tuned throughout the week for more Homecoming 2012 updates, posts, etc.

Go Argos!


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