Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 37)

Good evening Argos! In my opinion, the summer has officially started as of this Sunday morning. The University of West Florida has brought in a cohort of Freshmen (150+) who will be living on campus and beginning classes tomorrow (Monday, June 25th). This is an exciting time for the university because these students have been given an opportunity to embark on a college experience that so many others have / are not able to. With that being said, this will be an opportune time to educate our students on Homecoming 2012 and how they can take part in the wonderful festivities that will occur throughout the week. My goal is to instill Argo Pride in all UWF students; especially those who are completely new. I believe in the green and blue and wish for our Argos to feel the same.

That is all that I have for now! I just wanted to provide a brief update on the new additions to our Argonaut family.

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Get excited because we have made it to the 98 day mark until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!


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