Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 33)

Good afternoon Argos! We have just completed Session 3 of New Student Orientation here at the University of West Florida and are gearing up for Session 4 tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday! We are truly excited to see all of our new Argonauts embracing Homecoming and expressing their interests with volunteering and getting involved. As of now we have 65 individuals who are interested in working with the Homecoming Executive Board throughout a couple of days in September and into October. With that being said, I have notified all of those who are interested of the various sources that they can keep up with throughout the summer in order to stay in the loop for Homecoming (this blog, our Facebook Page, and Twitter Page). Ongoing communication and notification is essential.

On Monday, June 18th the Homecoming Executive Board met and discussed a couple of updates on items that we have been working on over the course of the days prior. To begin, we have officially announced our Philanthropy for HC 2012 as Feeding America: I am personally excited to work with this organization and to see what services we can offer them. Carrying on, Ashton Hartley (Homecoming Director) updated us on the various Food Vendors that are to be contacted by June 22nd. We have added Waffle House as one of our potential vendors and Ashton is currently working with them. Each of our Executive Board members is still in the works of contacting the other vendors, so I am expecting some updates this coming Monday if not before.

Ashlee Mobley (Homecoming Associate Director) has proposed tentative Volunteer Training days for our HC 2012 volunteers. The days / times are not set in stone, but it is great to still be cognizant of this as a part of the planning process.

Some additional items that we / I have been working on are:

  • Potentially placing the Homecoming 2012 symbol on the UWF Lightposts that lead to campus. I am not sure if this is plausible, but would definitely be exciting to see happen.
  • Bringing in a larger business as a potential sponsor for some of our promotional items / t-shirts.
  • Organizing the tri-fold promotional board
  • Contacted ITS / UWF’s Marketing person in Recreation for an electronic Homecoming advertisement. (Recreation is willing and able to display an electronic advertisement on one of their various TVs)
  • Working on editing and implementing HC’s ArgoPulse page as a part of advertising this year’s events:

A huge item, or at least it is huge in my opinion, that has been drafted is the 2012 Homecoming Marketing Plan. Ashton and I sat down after our meeting on Monday and fleshed out a couple of items / strategies that we wanted to follow through with for this years Homecoming. The first draft has been sent off to our direct Advisor, Ben Stubbs, so we shall see what our next step will be.

These are all the updates I have for now. Homecoming is merely 102 days away. Go Argos!

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