Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 24)

Good afternoon Argos! It has been quite a busy time for the University of West Florida as of late due to New Student Orientation going on. To begin, I would like to recap on a couple of components from last weeks session as well as reflect on some aspects that went well as well for it being our first orientation of the summer.

Essentially, the second day of Orientation (Tuesdays and Fridays) are the days where UWF’s Commons and Student Activities conducts its break-out session(s) that include the Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Activity Board (CAB), Greek Like, Homecoming, and the Commons Facilities and Operations. During this time the in-coming freshman are allowed to walk around the various tables and chat with current members / leaders of the aforementioned organizations. I do not want to give too much away, due to it spoiling the surprise / experience for the in-coming freshman, so I will leave it at that! Anyway, some of the components that went really well for Session I of orientation were the fact that Homecoming’s table was set up and ready to go as well as the Executive Board Members who were to “man” the table were present and accounted for. Yes, these are basic necessities but extremely important nonetheless. Furthermore, as opposed to having a paper sign-up sheet, we created an electronic Google Document so that the freshman can sign up to volunteer or simply learn more about Homecoming 2012. In my opinion, having a list on file will be a great way to reach out to our freshman and get them involved long before they begin classes. Not to mention it will keep the Homecoming Executive Board organized with having an online list at our disposal. One last component that I would like to address is that I will be creating a Tri-Fold board displaying the various assets of Homecoming and what some things that we would like our students to look for throughout the week of October 1st – 6th, or even the month(s) prior for that matter. Look for Homecoming’s board by the third or fourth session of orientation!

Today’s agenda has been packed with several meetings and a Selection Committee Forum. This morning at 10:00am the Homecoming Committee held its weekly E-Board Meeting where we were updated on what everyone has been working on within their respective positions in addition to what we have all been working on collectively. To start us off, Chris Wheeler updated us on the fact that we have more funding within our budget than initially anticipated, thus we are able to acquire additional novelties (i.e caricature artists, funnel cake makers, etc.). Now, I will not say which novelties we are bringing to campus; you will just have to attend Homecoming 2012 to find out!

Josh Kolapo, HC’s Competition Coordinator has formulated the dates for when the Mr. and Ms. UWF Applications will come out in addition to when they will be due. He has also established a due date for the banner competitions that will be displayed within UWF’s various Residence Halls. Furthermore, I sent out a list to Josh of the potential faculty and staff that I thought would be great judges for the Mr. and Ms. UWF Competition.

Ashton Hartley, HC’s current Director, did a follow-up on the food venues that the committee is to be contacting over the next couple of weeks as well as let us know that he has contacted Jordan Lore, UWF’s Student Organization Graduate Assistant, in regards to reaching out to the various organizations on campus and ostensibly getting them involved in Homecoming 2012. As of now, the committee has indeed contacted a couple of the food venues and has received an overall positive response thus far. Our goal now is to continue the dialogue with this venues and hopefully establish a mutualistic relationship throughout the coming weeks / months. In relevance to the response from the varying UWF organizations, we are still waiting to hear back from Jordan.

I have a couple more random updates for you all:

  • The women’s HC E-Board polos have indeed arrived. We are still waiting on the men’s polos, but once we have them both they will be sent off to branding!
  • We are still working on the E-Board cardboard cut-outs (stay tuned).
  • The Homecoming Facebook person will soon be coverted to a Facebook page, so be on the look-out!
  • We have come up with our top three organizations to potentially become our philanthropy for HC 2012. We are currently working out the best way to choose which one we want.
  • Cannon Fest (that is all you are going to get for now)

Stay tuned Argos for more Homecoming 2012 updates, pictures, videos, etc. The summer has just begun to heat up!

111 days until Homecoming 2012! GO ARGOS


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