Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 14 & 15)

The past couple of days with Summer Homecoming 2012 planning has been a blast and utmost productive. On Tuesday, May 29th I created a Homecoming 2012 Volunteer Google Document for the freshman at orientation so that they can sign up to [potentially] take part in all of the amazing festivities to come throughout the month of September and into October. I also finalized the Bulletin Board display for the Homecoming 2012 Executive Committee. I did hang it up, but took it down due to it not looking the way I had anticipated. Stay tuned for photos of the board!

On Wednesday, May 30th I met with the UWF Student Involvement Committee which consisted of Ben Stubbs– Asst. Director of Student Involvement and Programming, Christine Haley– Associate Director of UCSA, Jessica Tweed– Greek Affairs Coordinator, Roderick Wilson– Student Involvement Coordinator, Christina Duncan– CAB/Homecoming GA, Jordan Lore– Student Organizations GA,Thomas Martin– Greek Affairs GA, and myself. We basically conversed about the article “Leadership Reconsidered: SSAOs as Entrepreneurial Leadership of the Future” and how organizations and departments within Student Affairs should take a more collaborative approach when completing certain tasks. All or most Student Affairs professionals are involved within this career path for one reason: to impact college students in some form or fashion (directly, indirectly, personally, impersonally, etc.). We most sometimes work in unison to achieve one goal, or multiple goals for that matter, and never lose sight in the fact that we are here for the students; not merely a paycheck or benefits. At any rate, I am looking forward to our next Student Involvement meeting, which will be held in two weeks!

Furthermore, the committee discussed the special cohort of freshman that will be coming in towards the end of June and how the Campus Activity Board (CAB) will be putting on weekly events in the evening time-frame. From what I understand, CAB events will commence after the week July 4th and there will be approximately six total from the week of July 9th until the end of the semester in August. 

As the day progressed, I met with Ben Stubbs as well, as a couple of the other individuals involved within Student Activities, about the Orientation Presentation and set-up that is to commence June 8th (the second day of New Student Orientation)! We basically did a walk-through of what was to be said, how it was to be said, and the overall layout of the room that will be utilized. All I can say is: Get excited to get involved at UWF and make sure to come to the Student Activities Orientation Break-Out Session during Orientation!

Today (Thursday, May 31st) has been more of a relaxed day. First off, I have officially ordered the Homecoming 2012 buttons (woohoo), so be on the lookout for one whilst at Orientation! If we have any left over, I am sure they will be distributed accordingly throughout the Fall semester. Also, I am working on revamping the Homecoming Executive Committee bulletin board display throughout the afternoon.

OK, so you have listened to me ramble on for the past couple of days. Let me hear from you! What do you have to say about Homecoming 2012? What are you looking for most? What makes you excited to be an Argonaut? Share something in the comments below!

122 days until Homecoming 2012. GO ARGOS!


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