Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 13)

Good afternoon Argos! The Homecoming Committee and I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend, and were able to spend adequate time with family and friends as well as remember those who have fought and are continuing to vigilantly fight for our country.

On the note of Homecoming 2012: Friday as well as over the weekend I worked on a couple of Homecoming-related projects to get the “ball rolling” for the Fall 2012 semester. To begin, I have contacted the John C. Pace Library to see if they were interested in creating any Homecoming-oriented programming throughout Homecoming week (Monday, October 1st-Saturday, October 6th) and from what I understand, they are indeed excited about working with the committee and I on different events related to this year’s theme “The Legend Lives”. They will be meeting in the second week of June so stay tuned for more things to come from the library!

I met with Ashton Hartley, the current Homecoming 2012 Director, on Friday, May 25th for about an hour and discussed the various marketing strategies that I have been indicating throughout my previous posts, in addition to some new methods. Some of the new marketing methods include working with the John C. Pace Library (as presented above), contacting the three deans of the UWF Campus, potentially creating a Team Homecoming video that would include all of the committee members, and looking further into the Homecoming 2012 marketing plan that was established prior to me coming on board. Ashton and I plan on meeting bi-weekly.

As you may or may not know, Homecoming, especially at the University of West Florida, is all about SPIRIT thus I am attempting to work with the various colleges on campus (College of Professional Studies, College of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences) to see if their respective deans, professors, faculty, and staff  would be interested in partaking in the various spirit competitions (i.e door decorations, UWF attire, etc.) that will be held throughout homecoming week. I find it vital that not only the students of UWF represent their university well but those who work day-end-and-day-out as well. Essentially, we want everyone to bleed blue and green. Furthermore, Homecoming would not be possible without the awesome patrons of the UWF Alumni. Keep up with all of the UWF action on our Alumni Facebook Page as well as our Facebook Page: as we post exciting new things throughout the summer and into the Fall 2012 semester!

Those are all of the important updates that I have for now! Keep reading throughout the week for additional information on what is soon to be Homecoming 2012!



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