Summer Homecoming 2012 Planning (Day 7)

Good morning Argos! Today is Wednesday, May 23rd and it is a great morning at the University of West Florida. Yesterdays activities within Homecoming and Student Activities consisted of planning for Homecoming / CAB promotional items for all of the UWF Orientation sessions that are coming up in two weeks from tomorrow (Thursday, June 7th). Homecoming will be handing some pretty cool buttons to put on your backpacks, shirts, etc., so if you get the opportunity, make sure you come see our table! You will also have the opportunity to ask the Homecoming Committee any questions that you may have about what is to occur throughout the week of Homecoming and the days/weeks/months prior. Do not expect to get too much detail, as we do not want to give that much information away.

Homecoming, as previously mentioned in my post on Monday, May 21st, would not be possible without sponsorships, donations, volunteers, etc. With that being said, we are currently in the works of establishing a method to allow the public to be cognizant of our sponsors. The method of display would vary on the minimum amount donated to all of the activities embedded within Homecoming (i.e $250.00 would result in having a sign that displayed “This event brought to you by….” or $500.00 would result in the sponsor being represented on a cup and/or a specialty banner). Essentially, the greater the donation amount, the more visible the advertisement display will be. Attached are some examples: Image


In addition, we talked about pricing medium-to-large banners to be displayed in centralized / populated places of the university, thus this will be one of my tasks today: to see if we can find reasonably priced banners that would meet the desired dimensions. The Homecoming Committee and I are pretty excited about the varying methods of advertising for this years Homecoming, so be on the look out for some pretty exciting things!

The third big component that the committee and I are working on is in direct relation to contacting varying food vendors that would be potentially interested in working / helping out the differentiating activities through October 1st-6th. These vendors range anywhere from Wal-Mart to Panera Bread. This will be an on-going process, so stay tuned for further updates!

These are all of the updates that I have for now in regards to Homecoming 2012! Of course there are more behind-the-scenes work being done, but I can’t disclose everything, now can I?

130 days until Homecoming 2012! Stay classy Argos.



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